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Patrick's Family Story

My family would like to submit the following quotes about the services Doctor Bonner and his staff provided us. Thank you for this wonderful Opportunity.

I heard about Doctor Bonner from a co-worker how impressed he had been with the care he had received from Doctor Bonner. He described Doctor Bonner as one who genuinely cared for his patients and he had a great bedside manner. He said Doctor Bonner took the time to explain and answer questions about the injury and care options available. I would used similar adjectives to describe the services I received for my knee and am extremely happy with the outcome. This experience gave me great confidence that he was the right person to repair my teenage daughter's ACL torn during a basketball game. I would rate Doctor Bonner's care for my daughter as excellent. He offered comforting words and advice on the steps to repair her knee in addition to provide great medical care. Although it was a severe injury, my daughter was able to run a cross country race 10 months later, play a meaningful role in her varsity basketball team's conference championship games, and run strong enough during Track & Field season to win the coach's awards for her performance. It was a remarkable recovery for which we will be forever grateful to Doctor Bonner and his team.

Thank you,
Bobby Patrick

It was in December 2013, one week before Christmas during a girls varsity high school basketball game when my 15 year old daughter at the time shouted out "I can not standup, something is terribly wrong with my knee." As the tears roll down her face she stated "I'm hurt really bad, what am I going to do now?" "WHAT IF I CAN'T ......

Without hesitation, I looked at my husband and then directly into her eyes and stated "we will call Dr. Bonner right away and he will know what to do and will fix your knee like new." Why Dr. Kevin Bonner? He is the best Orthopedic Surgeon to call upon for any type of knee injury.

When he met with my daughter he immediately calm her fears of the "What If" syndrome. He simply held her hand while he gently explain in detail her medical condition and her nine month recovery plan. He was patient and a great listener even when she was afraid of her own progress. He always spent the appropriate amount of time with her at every appointment. He is trustworthy, compassionate, and very professional with his patients and their family members. His medical knowledge is impeccable.

My daughter's recovery has been awesome because of the great care she received by Dr. Bonner and his wonderful staff during our time of need. Additionally, he kept me informed of her progress and assured me she would fully recover from the injury which reduce my worrying.

Forever Grateful,
Zelda Patrick

Everything happened so fast for me the evening of my basketball injury. What felt like minutes in reality happened in a second. I am an athlete that runs on a Cross -Country team, that plays Girls Varsity Basketball, and a runner for Track & Field. This cannot be happening to me, was the record that was playing over and over in my brain. How was I going to bounce back from an ACL/MCL injury. I think "WHY ME" was written all over my face as I tried to pretend I was feeling no pain entering Dr. Bonner's Office for the first time. He saw right through me as if he was there when the incident happen. He introduced himself to me first with a very reassuring hand shake and smile, as to reassure me without saying a word every things going to be okay. Then he said hello to my parents. Putting the "Patient First", spokes volumes to me. He preceded to explain the extent of my injury, what my options were to repair my injury, and the recovery phase using medical terminology that I would understand. His calm demeanor and patience broke down my fear about my future as an athlete. Dr. Bonner along with his exceptional assistant Sabrenia Gill and staff stood by my side encouraging me literally every step of the way. My parents were right!, Yes, I said it. Dr. Bonner is the "BEST ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON" that I would ever refer someone to especially if you are an athlete. It is because of his great care I can continue to run on my Varsity Cross Country team, continue playing Varsity Basketball and be a sprinter/distance runner for Varsity Track & Field.

Thank you for doing what you do BEST!
Morgan Patrick
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