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  • Ben Taylor
    Flew in from Texas to have Dr Bonner fix my rotator cuff tear

    Comes a time a father should take his adult children’s advice, even when it means traveling from Texas to Virginia to do so. One of our sons, a physician himself, read my MRI report detailing awful rotator cuff and biceps damage and immediately recommended I travel to Virginia Beach to see Dr. Kevin Bonner and his world-class surgical team to fix my left shoulder. It was a real mess. 21 years of Army tank and mechanized-infantry service and decades of aggressive waterskiing had caught up with me. Suffered lots of pain, slept fitfully, only had limited mobility. Massive damage required eight anchors, all completed via Dr. Bonner’s minimally invasive arthroscopic technique. Now, I have no more pain, am able to better concentrate on my post-Army career, enjoy family, sleep well. I knew within a day after the procedure that it had been a great success and my quality of life had been restored. I am so thankful for Dr. Bonner’s skill, his evident passion for his work, and for his taking such good care of people.

    Ben T, San Antonio
    Senior Vice President
    Wealth Management Advisor,
    LTC, Armor, U.S. Army (retired)
    San Antonio, Texas
  • Kayla Vanik
    For a Wonderful Doctor,

    I am beyond blessed for what you have done for me. Your Knowledge is exceptional, but the way you have personally taken care of me is more than i could have ever asked. I have a healthier, more pain free future ahead of me because of you.

    Kayla V
  • Jay Mears
    He’s a wonderful surgeon and has a wonderful way about him... He makes you feel like you’re extremely important . . .I feel confident in him.”

    Jay had Dr. Bonner perform his rotator cuff surgery on his right shoulder in December, a little over 10 months before his Ironman triathlon. It was performed with a minimally invasive arthroscopic technique and he was in and out of Sentara Leigh Hospital the same day.

    Jay M
  • Merycarla Pichardo
    The good function without limitations of my shoulder is essential in my work,

    Hi! I am Merycarla Pichardo, Urologist from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The good function without limitations of my shoulder is essential in my work, that is why I chose the services of Dr Kevin Bonner for a minimally invasive reconstruction of my right shoulder in May 2019. Incredible in all aspects. An unparalleled support and therapy staff. Not to mention the professionalism and prodigious surgical hands of Dr Kevin. A few weeks after the surgery, my quality of life and my professional practice remain without any limitation due to the injuries that I once had in my shoulder.”

    Merycarla P
  • Let me say that I am so very thankful that my doctor Dr Lisner recommended Dr. Bonner to me after I sustained a massive complete rotator cuff tear on my left shoulder.

    I had no business at 58 years old riding the vertical concrete wall on my skateboard at the skate park like I used to do 43 years ago. I am forever thankful and grateful for your strategic surgical work retrieving the completely torn and retracted cuff. It’s amazing, since my surgery and my healing process I have encountered many clients and friends who have been helped by you.

    I’m looking forward to getting back to kiteboarding and surfing. …and promise to stay off my skateboard.”

    Dan J
  • Rita Boyd- Drove from North of Washington DC for her revision rotator cuff surgery.

    After suffering through two shoulder surgeries to repair a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder in the past one and a half years, I met with several doctors in my area for "second opinions" only to be turned away.  I was given Dr. Bonner's name and made an appointment to see him. I traveled 4 hours from Maryland for my appointment and it was worth every mile on the road!  From the time I signed in, the staff treated me with kindness and respect and were eager to help. Within 5 minutes of being taken to the exam room the nurse took an X-ray and then Dr. Bonner and his intern came in.  Dr. Bonner did a very thorough examination, which lasted over an hour, and for the first time I had hope! Dr. Bonner knew I was in severe pain and had very little mobility of my primary arm. He said he could do the surgery on my shoulder and scheduled me right in.

    I owe my future to Dr. Bonner because if it wasn't for him, I'd have the use of only one arm.  He took the time to examine me, and the records from my two previous surgeries, and put together a plan. He operated on me to repair my torn rotator cuff, which was complicated by an "anchor" that had fallen out from the previous surgery I had in Maryland.  I could tell within three days after Dr. Bonner operated that it was a success! There were no complications and the scars are barely visible. I'd just like to say to anyone who's been told by a orthopedic doctor "there's nothing they can do", go see Dr. Bonner at the Jordan-Young Institute in Virginia Beach, VA.   I have to say that from the moment I walked into his office I knew I finally was in the right place!

    Dr. Bonner is kind, caring and compassionate and his skills as an orthopedic surgeon are second to none! He truly cares about every patient and his mantra is "to get you back to your life before your injury", and in my case he did just that and I am forever grateful.

    Thank you so much,Rita B
  • Weston Tagtmeyer- College football player from Nebraska who was referred from his Orthopedist for knee surgery. He and his family drove across half the country to come to the Jordan-Young Institute.

    Again, what an honor to get to express our gratitude and share our story. The words below feel hollow to express the feelings of gratitude we have for you and everyone at Jordan Young.
    God Bless

    My son was initially treated by an Orthopedic Surgeon in Nebraska where we live, for a knee injury he suffered playing basketball.  This was followed by a couple of meniscus tears in football. With the last meniscus tear evaluation, our Orthopedic surgeon in Nebraska referred us to Dr. Kevin Bonner, Jordan Young Institute, Virginia Beach, VA, for further evaluation and surgery. We drove 24 hrs straight, to make our initial consultation with Dr. Bonner in November of 2012 and he discovered Weston's leg was not straight and suggested an osteotomy, breaking the leg above the knee and inserting cadaver bone to straighten the leg, to slow down the arthritis and to give the meniscus transplant the best chance to be successful and not re-tare. I did a lot of follow up research via internet and talked with our Orthopedic Surgeon in Nebraska. Ultimately I wanted my son's knee to last as many years as possible, whether he played football again or not, and through my research Dr. Bonner is at the very top of the charts as a surgeon. We decided to have Dr. Bonner do his surgery despite being us needing to travel all the way to Virginia Beach. So, we went ahead and scheduled the osteotomy for February of 2013. This time my son and I flew to Virginia on Valentine's Day for the pre-surgical check-up. The following day Feb. 15, 2013, Dr. Bonner performed my son’s surgery. He was only in the hospital overnight, but he had the all clear to fly back home to Nebraska following the surgery. Traveling so far, knowing no one and having your child go through a major surgery is to say the least 'stressful'.  Our experience from beginning to end still brings me to tears when I remember the compassionate, kind, caring and helpful individuals we encountered. Everyone from the staff at Dr. Bonner's clinic to the nurses, kitchen staff and even the cleaning staff at the hospital, who took the time to make sure I knew my way in the hospital and offered to bring me a cup of coffee, made this experience one I will forever remember and grateful God guided us to Dr. Bonner and the Jordan Young Institute to help my son. Dr. Bonner was so open, thorough and straight forward and his follow-up care clear across the country working with our surgeon in Nebraska made the recovery go seamless. If there is ever a need for an orthopedic surgeon for any of my family members in the future, we will undoubtedly look to Dr. Bonner. Thank you Dr. Bonner and Jordan Young Institute for the exceptional care you provided to my son.  -   Marla Z Hixon

    Marla Z H
  • Joe Balboni- Drove down from New Jersey to get his meniscus repaired. Division 1 college wrestler

    Our son was recruited to wrestle for a Division I wrestling program in Norfolk. Unfortunately, after his senior year in high school, he was told he needed knee surgery. The staff at the University urged us to have Dr. Bonner perform this surgery. We were apprehensive at first since all the other surgeries our sons required were performed in our home state of New Jersey with their doctor.

    After meeting Dr. Bonner, I knew why he came so highly recommended. The level of professionalism from Dr. Bonner and his staff was a new experience for us. Anytime we needed Dr. Bonner, all we had to do is call and he or his staff would respond immediately.

    Our family is very thankful to Dr. Bonner. Our son continues to wrestle on the college level with his knee healed and stronger than ever. Thank you for all the time and care you gave to our son and our family.

    The Balboni Family, NJ
  • Patrick Family Experience

    This experience gave me great confidence that he was the right person to repair my teenage daughter's ACL torn during a basketball game. I would rate Doctor Bonner's care for my daughter as excellent.

    Bobby P

    He is trustworthy, compassionate, and very professional with his patients and their family members. His medical knowledge is impeccable. My daughter's recovery has been awesome because of the great care she received by Dr. Bonner and his wonderful staff during our time of need.

    Zelda P

    His calm demeanor and patience broke down my fear about my future as an athlete. Dr. Bonner along with his exceptional assistant Sabrenia Gill and staff stood by my side encouraging me literally every step of the way. My parents were right!, Yes, I said it. Dr. Bonner is the "BEST ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON" that I would ever refer someone to especially if you are an athlete.

    Morgan P
  • Carol Clark - Rotator Cuff Repair Patient

    I had rotator cuff surgery this past winter and my daughter recently had her ACL reconstructed both surgeries were done by Dr Bonner. We interviewed several orthopedic surgeons and choose Dr Bonner based on his impressive medical education, extensive clinical experience and high rate of successful outcomes. Dr. Bonner is also very personable, easy to talk to and has a wonderful "bed side" manner. I would recommend him highly and without reservation to anyone needing knee or shoulder surgery.

    Carol C
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